The joy of delayed gratification in our relationship with God

The door bell rang one morning — nothing unusual in that. Postie handed over three bags held together with elastic bands — interesting. Opening them revealed seven packs of ink jet cartridges, and Cadbury mini eggs — intriguing. A question jostled for attention in the back of my mind. …

Why does it always seem to be one glove? Rarely do I see two lost gloves. A lost glove caught my eye on an early morning dog walk. The anonymous glove-rescuer had their wits about them. The glove was placed at eye-level and well secured amongst the tree branches. A…

The BBC reported on the awarding of medals to those involved in the Arctic convoys of World War 2. They have been a long time coming. One of the recipients was Eddie Grenfell, 93 years old.

Another of his compatriots said, “I am not a hero, I am a survivor…

Malcolm Cox

Author, speaker, musician & Solutions Focussed coach: Minister to

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